Roadvert helps fleet operators to generate revenue from vehicle fleet

Monday, July 2, 2018 - 09:13
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Roadvert is helping fleet operators to create new revenue streams of up to £1,000 a year per vehicle by demonstrating just how many people will see advertisements run on their fleets.

By using the specialist Roadvert™ Media tool they can not only assess the size of an audience but also segment it by age, thus demonstrating to potential advertisers exactly how much reach a campaign will get.

They can also offer advertisers the chance to give campaigns more punch by broadcasting promotional messages from the vehicles to passers-by via the iRoadvert™ Beacon, a device that is embedded on the vehicle.

The beacon broadcasts messages to smartphones and tablets within a certain range whose owners have the right app on their mobile device. These messages can be pre-programmed to change according to the vehicle’s location.

The state-of-the-art technology is the end result of five years’ work and hundreds of thousands of pounds of investment by Roadvert, a company already renowned for its innovative Spedian™ system of reusable, lightweight vehicle graphics.

Roadvert CEO Lawrence Craig said: “With Roadvert and the new iRoadvert Beacon we have created a powerful marketing tool which allows both operators and fleet managers to make their assets work even harder whilst at the same time generating a new revenue stream.

“Thanks to Roadvert they can instantly measure return on investment, which is vital when running a successful advertising campaign. This is a truly exciting development which is set to revolutionise the market.”

When the vehicle is carrying the Spedian Vehicle Graphic System for a period of time, say 12 weeks, a breakdown of reach and impacts is captured in real time and stored in the software. This is compared with the estimate and media rates that can be adjusted accordingly.

Alternatively, the campaign could run longer to achieve the media value in the unlikely event of a shortfall of audience delivery.

With the addition of the iBeacon, messages can be transmitted which can be relevant to the graphics on the vehicle or they can supplement the marketing campaign.

Lawrence added: “The data collected from the beacon is also captured by Roadvert’s Media software. As the iRoadvert beacon is tracked, this enables the messages to be relevant by time and location and the message can be tailored to be in-line with the audience profile of individual areas.

“The data collected from both these sources creates a very powerful marketing tool, which we believe will be a game changer and one embraced by fleet operators seeking a viable return on their vehicle investment.”

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