RAC Launches New Telematics Driver App For Smartphones

Thursday, April 14, 2016 - 12:57
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The RAC has launched a new smartphone app to bolster its award-winning* telematics product by bringing driver behaviour data, journey history, vehicle health information and engine fault alerts together in one place to support business drivers.

The app, which is free to download and available now from the iOS App Store, will provide RAC Telematics customers with all the information they need to understand what is happening with their vehicles, including detailed journey history that can be used for business expenses or vehicle cost management.

The app will give the individual driver a similar level of information that a fleet manager would see in their vehicle portals. By synching with the RAC Telematics unit fitted in the vehicle, the new app will provide the user with:

  • Personal driver score based on speed, braking and acceleration patterns with tips for improvements
  • Vehicle health information to send an alert when parts such as batteries are running low or other engine components are malfunctioning
  • Driver location and journey information to generate work vs leisure mileage reports
  • Vehicle updates to alert the driver when it’s time for a service or MOT

RAC Telematics managing director Nick Walker said: “The new RAC Telematics app is a powerful tool for the driver, putting a huge amount of information at their fingertips.

“Not only will it help them to take full advantage of the telematics technology by using features such as driver score and mileage reports, but will also help them to identify when individual components are not working properly so they can be proactive about vehicle maintenance.

“Telematics is proving to be a vital tool for businesses as functions such as driver scores encourages better and more efficient driving. This can lead to better MPG in vehicles helping to bring down fuel costs, and driving at slower speeds helps to cut accidents and reduce wear and tear on their vehicles.

“The new app will enable individuals to have access to the kind of information that typically fleet managers will have on their dashboards back in the office. Now drivers can keep up to date with their own driver score, check on the vehicle health of their car and get accurate mileage reports, which will be a key feature for a lot of businesses.

“RAC Telematics customers will see the value in bringing all these functions together in one app which could help them develop better driving habits and save time and money as a result.”

For more information about the RAC Telematics app visit the iPhone App Store and search for RAC Telematics.

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