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Parking penalty charge Chevin module helps fleets tackle six-figure bills

Wednesday, January 22, 2014 - 15:00
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TACKLED: Chevin help fleets fight PCN costs

Fleets are dramatically reducing sky-high, six-figure penalty charge notification (PCN) bills thanks to a recently-introduced Chevin software module.

The PCN Power module, available for the company’s FleetWave web-based fleet management software, allows quick access of data relating to PCNs and Notices of Intended Prosecution (NIP).

Information captured can then be streamed through to FleetWave’s dashboard and provide real-time tracking and analysis of related KPIs.

Ashley Sowerby, Managing Director of Chevin, said: “By identifying trends in drivers collecting PCNs or speeding tickets, businesses can take a proactive approach to dealing with the issues raised such as changing delivery arrangements or implementing speed awareness training.

“In turn, by having access to a centralised database of drivers who have received NIPs, accompanied by the Driver Licence Checking tool also available with FleetWave, businesses are able to better protect themselves against the legal and financial risk of drivers failing to declare penalty points.”

Image courtesy of kdingo, with thanks.

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