Partnership boost for new Vehotrans freight exchange

Friday, March 28, 2014 - 15:30
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EXCHANGE: New partnership for Vehotrans

Brand-new freight and transport exchange Vehotrans are teaming up with Bristol-based software specialists Journease.

The partnership will see Journease offer job quoting and booking, route planning and invoicing, mobile data capture and web booking to Vehotrans users.

Wales-based Vehotrans, which has gained almost 500 members, is a European-wide exchange offered free for the first six months to new customers.

Lukas Gamble, Director at Vehotrans, said the partnership would benefit both businesses as well as making life easier for potential customers.

“We did this in order to add value to our own product by giving our potential new members an easier way to use our system by integrating their current business processes with our own system so they could easily publish their loads and jobs onto our system without creating extra work,” he said.

“It’s a way to attract customers to use our system; it’s just keeping the process simple, they don’t even have to go and log on to our website.

“Once they add a job on Journease it’s just a case of pressing a button and their jobs are on Vehotrans; it gives them better exposure and fulfilment.

“It works for everybody; it’s attractive for Journease customers, they can get better coverage for their jobs without any extra work on their behalf, and it also pushes extra work for our members; it’s a win-win.”

“It is businesses working together for a common goal; we can help each other without competing directly or working against each other.”

Lukas Gamble, Vehotrans

Tim Bryant, Managing Director of Journease, added: “The benefit for us is our customers can fulfil their jobs in a most efficient manner.

“It’s offering more options for my customers; there’s no financial benefit for us, no-one’s charging anything.

“It raises the profile of our software; it’s a mutual benefit.”

Vehotrans is built around smartphone applications, which can be used with Apple, Android and Blackberry phones, complete with live mapping for loads and driver availability.

The decision to approach Journease came after speaking to customers about how to make Vehotrans more user-friendly.

“We were actually in discussion with one of our potential members,” added Mr Gamble.

“He happened to mention he used Journease and thought it was really good; he suggested we might have a chat with them.

“They were working within logistics technology but in different ways; there were things we could work together on.

“It is businesses working together for a common goal; we can help each other without competing directly or working against each other.”

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