Need A Flux Capacitor? Euro Car Parts Helps Garages Meet Future Challenges


Research from Go Ultra Low predicts that, by 2040, there may be no new cars built with traditional diesel or petrol powered engines in UK*. Considered a radical statement by some, heavy investment in alternatively fuelled engines has already occurred, with all major manufacturers having released an electric powered vehicle by the end of 2015.


With increased numbers of electric and hybrid vehicles on our roads, the aftermarket is now facing new opportunities and challenges.


This has meant that more companies are beginning to develop their own training initiatives, aware that many repairers are keen to make the most out of this emerging market. One such company is Euro Car Parts, which has unveiled its new training programme, Euro Academy. This innovative, technical resource boasts IMI-certification and a dedicated technical phone helpline. An online diagnostics database is included, allowing members to contribute towards and benefit from a library of previous vehicle faults.


Martin Gray, CEO of Euro Car Parts, said: “In 2016, we invested substantive time and resource into developing Euro Academy. We are confident that it encompasses everything a workshop will need to service alternatively fuelled vehicles.


“We are facing a watershed moment for the industry and workshops need to consider what training and equipment to invest in, not just to survive but, much more importantly, to thrive. There have never been more opportunities for those that are prepared to embrace the future and set the direction and standards for the industry.”


“To help to support garages, Euro Car Parts has unveiled the Workshop Solutions brochure. The brochure includes training, financial planning support, health & safety, responsible waste disposal and maintenance of equipment services. All of which will need to be up to date to make sure garages are ready for the revolution ahead.”


He added: “Make no mistake, the vehicle revolution will be here quickly. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) estimates that, by 2030, electric, connected and autonomous vehicles could create an additional 320,000 jobs in the UK. With that comes opportunities that the best of us will thrive upon.


“As a business, we want to support independent garages to make sure that they have everything they need to make the most of this new market.”


For some workshops, this may mean additional investment in new equipment. The latest MOT rigs remove the need for two-man MOTs, reducing manpower costs and improving efficiency. With no deposit and fixed monthly payments, garages can benefit from lower operating costs so that more resources can be spent on preparing for the future.


Cars of the future will also be more reliant on electronics and so products like ALLDATA Repair will be vital. Providing the same OEM repair and online unfiltered OE technical information that’s available to franchise dealer workshops, ALLDATA includes the latest information from most vehicle manufacturers. This provides a competitive edge to workshops, allowing them to stay up-to-date with the latest development in automotive technology.


For workshops interested in learning more about how they can prepare for this revolution, Euro Car Parts’ free Workshop Solutions brochure is available at all branches. It can also be viewed and downloaded at

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