Natures Menu select Maxoptra solution

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - 14:30
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DEAL: Natures Menu select Maxoptra

Raw pet food manufacturer Natures Menu have signed a contract with real-time dynamic routing and scheduling solution Maxoptra.

The system, from Magenta Technology, has been wheeled out in response to increasingly complex orders, with the existing electronic order management system unable to cope.

Natures Menu’s previous solution was unable to quickly and easily schedule delivery jobs, but Maxoptra  allows improved planning of vehicle capacities, routes and expected delivery times.

Maxoptra came recommended by Independent Tracking as part of a total solution which included fitting TomTom telematics to all of Natures Menu’s delivery vehicles.

“This proves that Maxoptra can provide a valuable cloud-based scheduling and routing solution to smaller organisations.”

Stuart Brunger, Magenta

Craig Taylor, Managing Director of Natures Menu, said: “Magenta played a key role in the total end-to-end processes and IT transformation that Natures Menu undertook in 2013, providing the foundation to scale the business, build on the high levels of customer service enjoyed by our customers while at the same time reducing mileage and fuel consumption for the business.”

Since implementation, Natures Menu have reduced mileage and fuel consumption, and collated reports detailing management information and insight, leading to improved driver performance and discipline.

Natures Menu have also reduced the amount of time spent on contacting drivers or customers by up to three hours per person per day.

Stuart Brunger, Head of Business Development at Magenta, added: “This proves that Maxoptra can provide a valuable cloud-based scheduling and routing solution to smaller organisations.

“We are making available a real-time dynamic offering that can make a significant impact on their profit margins and customer service levels.”

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