MyFleetLive camera range gets ‘significant upgrade’

Friday, August 6, 2021 - 10:04
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Telematics specialist Quartix has introduced an enhanced version of the MyFleetLive camera range, providing HD1080p footage and video notifications about dangerous events.

QuartixA partnership between Quartix and camera provider Fleet Focus in 2020 led to its first generation tracking software and AI camera and it said the latest version now available is a “significant upgrade”.

The range, available as part of the Quartix tracking platform, will recall any historic footage remotely from the device either via a map or a built-in timeline function.

Quartix said that using AI technology, users can be notified via video about critical events that are reviewed and categorised

Graham Plummer, Fleet Focus sales director, said: “Our latest hardware offers significantly greater historic driving footage.

“This ensures our customers can have faith that all critical events will be readily and easily accessible within the Quartix platform.”

Source: MotorTransport

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