MPs back Chancellor to end red diesel for transport refrigeration

Thursday, October 18, 2018 - 08:33
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A cross-party parliamentary motion has been tabled calling on Chancellor Philip Hammond to end red diesel for transport refrigeration.

With the Budget less than two weeks away, on 29th October, the motion has been tabled jointly by Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake, Labour MP Geraint Davies, and the SNP’s Alan Brown.

Geraint Davies is also Chair of the parliamentary air pollution group, and Alan Brown is the SNP’s transport & energy spokesman.

The motion refers to the call for evidence into red diesel run this year by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

The motion says that “transport refrigeration units used by fleet operators is one area where access to cheaper red diesel disincentivises uptake of alternative clean technologies”.

It goes on to say that “if the up to 34,000 transport refrigeration units in the UK using red diesel switched to zero emission alternatives, it would equate to removing the nitrogen oxide emissions of 1.8 million Euro 6 diesel cars”.

It ends by noting that HM Treasury’s red diesel subsidies for transport refrigeration are worth an estimated £100 million and backs the Chancellor to use the Budget to end red diesel in this area.

Clean cold experts Dearman have welcomed the motion as “clear cross-party support for the Chancellor to take this step”.

Commenting, Dearman CEO Scott Mac Meekin, added: “We welcome this parliamentary motion and especially the cross-party nature of it. Chancellor Philip Hammond was right to launch the red diesel call for evidence this year. We back the Chancellor to take the next step and end red diesel access for transport refrigeration. This would encourage a shift to existing zero emission technologies and help boost Britain’s air quality.”