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M6 toll announces new toll prices for goods vehicles

Friday, June 29, 2018 - 00:01
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Midland Expressway Limited (MEL), operator of the M6toll, has today, Friday 29 June, announced new day time toll prices for goods vehicles, the first price rise since 2012. Night time fares will be frozen.

From 06.00 on Monday 30 July, day time toll prices for light goods vehicles (LGV) will increase by 10-30p and for heavy goods vehicles (HGV) by 20-50p, depending on the journey made.

MEL has taken the decision to freeze night time prices to support LGV and HGV customers during on-going roadworks on the M6.

The 2.9% price rise for LGVs and HGVs is below the 3.3% rate of inflation for the preceding year, and significantly below the rate of inflation over the period since prices were last increased for LGV and HGV vehicles in 2012, and reflects MEL’s on-going commitment to increase the volume of LGV and HGV traffic using the road.

The past year has seen particularly strong growth in HGVs moving from the M6 onto the M6toll, with 17% growth in HGV usage of the road in 2017, compared to a fall of 1.2% nationally. This is in part thanks to the reduced journey times of the M6toll compared to the M6, as well as significantly more predictable journey times.

Andy Cliffe, Chief Executive of MEL, said: “We are committed to substantially increasing the number of HGVs choosing to use the M6toll and so we have deliberately kept this price rise below inflation. We’ve also chosen to freeze night time prices to support our haulage customers during on-going roadworks on the M6.”

“We are working closely with haulage firms and other partners to encourage further HGV usage of the M6toll, so that we can increase the benefits that the M6toll brings to the businesses that rely on it and its contribution to economic growth.”

The M6toll carries over 50,000 vehicles every day, and 18.3 million vehicles in 2017 – traffic that would otherwise be using the M6 and surrounding roads. 85% of cars doing long-distance journeys use the M6toll at peak times, helping free up surrounding roads for local private, LGV and HGV users.

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