Licence Bureau steps up to support companies with grey fleet management

Monday, October 1, 2018 - 09:32
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Licence Bureau has stepped up its campaign to help companies increase the compliance of their grey fleet, as it sees companies continuing to struggle to come to terms with drivers using their own vehicles for business use.

“When we first meet a company, we ask how many of their employees use their own vehicle to carry out business journeys” explained Malcolm Maycock, managing director of Licence Bureau. “The majority simply don’t know. Not because they are complacent or that they do not realise the importance of grey fleet compliance, but because they often struggle to establish internal processes that truly get to grips with all aspects of grey fleet management.”

Under its Grey Fleet Management Services operation, Licence Bureau checks every single insurance certificate provided by employees, rather than just relying on a self-declaration from the driver. This includes checking the policy’s small print is in line with business use requirements. Licence Bureau then sets-up email alerts to automatically remind employees when their policy has expired.

MOTs and VEDs are checked against government data, whilst driver licences are examined to ensure they haven’t expired, been revoked or the driver is disqualified or has a high level of points.

Licence Bureau has also launched a seven-page Q&A on all aspects of grey fleet to help companies both large and small. To request a copy, visit:

Malcolm explained, “It’s all about getting to the root cause of a company’s grey fleet challenge and that means establishing exacting information about their drivers and their cars. Once this has been checked in detail then keeping on top of the ongoing status of your grey fleet can be achieved through our online portal which automatically reminds drivers about key dates such as MOTs and insurance renewals.”

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