Kinship Logistics look to TrailerMaster telematics

Friday, October 30, 2020 - 08:12
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At a time when fleets are looking to squeeze every drop of efficiency from their operation, Kinship Logistics has turned to the TrailerMaster trailer telematics system to help give them the edge.

TrailerMasterPart of the SH Pratt Group, Kinship Logistics provide specialist supply chain solutions throughout the UK with a focus on retail and food service markets. The operation currently has TrailerMaster installed across their fleet of skeletal trailers.

Head of Compliance and Fleet at Kinship Logistics, Nick Waller, explained the role TrailerMaster plays in their organisation: “TrailerMaster gives us a wealth of information about our trailers and trailer utilisation. I can track the vehicle, see when it was loaded, how long it was idle for and when it has reached its destination. Another key feature for us is the real-time information on trailer weight which means we can see when a trailer is loaded/unloaded and ensures we remain compliant on payload.”

The theme of compliance is one which Nick Waller singles out as a primary benefit of using the TrailerMaster system, “For me it’s proven invaluable from a compliance point of view”, he says.

Waller continued, “Every morning we can run a report which gives us a snapshot of all key trailer information: weights, brake efficiency, trailer condition. I can identify faults before the driver notices, get them into the workshop sooner and get it sorted. It has definitely reduced our downtime, because it gives us the reliable information needed to localise and identify issues before they occur. I can get ahead of the problem rather than behind the problem.”

TrailerMaster EBPMS® or Electronic Brake Performance Monitoring System forms a key part of this reliable information by providing dynamic, live monitoring of trailer braking performance. EBPMS has been included in the DVSA’s Guide to Roadworthiness, which was written in association with Axscend, the company behind TrailerMaster. Nick Waller remarked, “For us we want every job to be as safe and efficient as possible and with TrailerMaster we can go above and beyond. We are looking forward to a long and successful partnership with them.”

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