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Is cash putting your drivers at risk?

By Kyle Lindsay
Thursday, April 9, 2015 - 14:04

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At risk?

Spate of UK robberies may have companies worried

Fuel card provider UK Fuels is reminding fleets of the dangers drivers can face when carrying large amounts of cash for on-the-road expenses and fuel purchases, following a spate of robberies targeted at taxi drivers in recent weeks.

With drivers asked to take regular breaks because of road safety laws, often in remote places such as lay-bys, business drivers are at risk of robbery by unscrupulous thieves.

In the last two weeks, taxi drivers in Dundee, Belfast, Edinburgh and Milton Keynes have been the target of robberies. They are easy targets for thieves as they’re known to carry cash. Other business drivers can also be seen as soft targets, as they carry cash for fuel and other expenses.

To reduce the threat against business drivers, UK Fuels is asking fleets to consider credit or fuel cards, which come with PIN protection. Options like fuel cards often also come with added monitoring capabilities that flag up suspicious transactions.

Marketing Director at UK Fuels, Jakes de Kock said: “Sadly it is not uncommon to hear reports of drivers being targeted by criminals for carrying large amounts of cash. Obviously drivers need to be able to pay for fuel, hotels, food on the go and so on, but it’s important for businesses to look into alternative methods of payment. Fuel cards are ideal for fleets that want to extend a level of protection to their drivers while they’re on the road.”

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