Inrix roll out revolutionary traffic intelligence system

Wednesday, November 20, 2013 - 16:00
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SPEED: Inrix roll out new traffic system

Inrix are introducing a new traffic intelligence system which reports more accidents, road closures and incidents faster than ever.

The system, Inrix XD Incidents, uses a combination of human intelligence and machine learning to improve the accuracy and speed of reporting accidents, construction, road closures and other traffic-impacting events.

Sources of information include media partners, departments of transportation, emergency responders, and community reports via mobile and in-vehicle applications, as well as social networks like Twitter.

This contrasts existing services that rely primarily on reports from radio station personnel or other individuals.

Bryan Mistele, President and CEO of Inrix, said: “Leveraging the massive network effect Inrix has built with traffic flow data worldwide, we’re now applying machine learning and big data analytics to what’s traditionally been an incredibly time-consuming, expensive manual process.

“For automakers, drivers can be alerted about an accident ahead in time to take a faster alternative route.

“For departments of transportation, agency professionals can be notified of incidents earlier and across their entire road networks, allowing them to implement incident response efforts more quickly.”

Image courtesy of Documentally, with thanks.