Out-of-hours deliveries ‘must be properly managed’

Tuesday, May 6, 2014 - 14:45
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MANAGE: FTA make their claim

Delivering out of congested peak hours must be properly managed to garner benefits, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) have warned.

In response to the Department for Transport’s ‘Quiet deliveries: good practice, principles and process’ document, the FTA claim new guidelines will help shift more freight activity outside the peak times.

Natalie Chapman, Head of Policy for London at the FTA, said: “There are multiple benefits of shifting deliveries out of congested peak hours: improved journey times, productivity and fuel consumption; lower emissions and reduced risk of conflict between heavy goods vehicles and vulnerable road users.

“However, it is important that the process is properly managed to ensure that those living nearby are not unduly disturbed.

“These new guides will help all those involved to understand the process and the role that they can play in opening up the delivery window.”

The new guidelines published by the Department are aimed at retailers, local communities and the construction sector among other groups, and are based on previous collaboration between FTA, the Noise Abatement Society and the Department for Transport.

This latest publication recognises congestion and delays affect freight and retail business and also local communities, particularly residents, adding ‘Quiet Deliveries’ schemes will provide a way to address these issues.

Ms Chapman added: “The Quiet Deliveries Demonstration Scheme was a groundbreaking set of out of hours deliveries trials which proved the concept that deliveries can be shifted to earlier in the morning, later in the evening and into the night whilst protecting the rights of local residents to a peaceful night’s sleep.”

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