Notting Hill estate agency benefits from AFL’s Fleet Management Made Simple system

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 - 10:00
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REAP: Domus Nova benefitting from system

Notting Hill estate agency Domus Nova are reaping streamlining benefits after signing up to AFL’s Fleet Management Made Simple.

AFL’s popular online system assists with management of the company’s car fleet, grey fleet and drivers.

Domus Nova, who have three West London offices specialising in high-end, design-led properties, run a solus Audi car fleet for their key staff.

Arnaud Cheung, Director of Domus Nova, said: “Signing up to Fleet management made simple™ really has simplified our fleet management process.

“The online platform is intuitive, user friendly and shows key information at a glance.

“An unexpected boon has been the reduction in our fleet insurance premium by almost 50% this year, as the system allowed us to demonstrate a robust fleet risk management strategy to our insurers.

“The configurable alerts and reminders for critical fleet tasks help us to keep on top of service reminders, MOT due dates, driving licence expiry dates and more, as the system will remind you each time you log on – or simply send you an email.

“The online system has been particularly useful for us considering our mix of acquisition methods and the fact we need to access our fleet and driver information from all three offices.”

Paul Fagan, Director of AFL, added: “Fleet management made simple™ was designed to make the fleet manager’s job easier and less time consuming; to coin a phrase, it does exactly what it says on the tin.

“From our experience, Domus Nova is typical of many businesses operating 50-250 vehicles, with varied acquisition methods and multiple leasing company suppliers.

“An independent, easy to use fleet management system not only helps with day-to-day fleet management, but also helps to identify areas of potential savings when it comes to fleet whole life-costs.”

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