A Guardian For The Grey Fleet; SmartDriverClub Connects And Protects Business Drivers

Thursday, April 28, 2016 - 12:22
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Helping to tackle the perennial issues associated with grey fleet management such as verifying fuel expenses, meeting duty of care obligations and supporting environmental responsibilities, a new service has launched giving businesses the ability to protect their drivers and their pockets using self-installed telematics technology.

Smartdriverclub is a first for the UK, enabling in-car connectivity in vehicles made in or after 2010.  It costs just £6.60* per month and is the brainchild of motor industry expert, Penny Searles.

It works like this, once a business has signed up to Smartdriverclub, their nominated grey fleet drivers are sent a Smartplug – which they insert in an easily accessed socket in their vehicle, normally underneath the steering column[1].  They can then view all of their Smartdriverclub services via their smartphone using the free Smartdriverclub app called ‘Viewpoint’ or online via their laptop or tablet device.  This information, with the driver’s consent, is also made available to the fleet manager or business owner.

Smartdriverclub offers essential safety features like automatic emergency assistance, breakdown help that can see the driver’s location to find them faster, theft tracking that can speed up Police recovery and a digital mechanic that can identify faults to help motorists avoid worsening the damage or even prevent a breakdown.

Penny Searles, CEO of Smartdriverclub says:  “We see a real market for this service in the SME sector where resource for managing the grey fleet is scarce and therefore containing cost and managing risk is a major headache.   Given that 62%*** of private car use is for work-related activity, it’s important businesses have a firm grasp of the grey fleet and can ensure support is there for the driver when needed.

“Smartdriverclub works quietly behind the scenes enabling businesses to receive information directly from the car such as mileage, fault codes and battery low alerts so that they can just check in with the driver to ensure any maintenance issues are being addressed.  By offering benefits such as crash alerts, theft tracking, fuel consumption and early fault warnings, Smartdriverclub can help businesses support their duty of care responsibilities and contain their costs.   It also sends a positive message to employees that their welfare is the first priority.”

The service can be provided as a white label offering (or Smartdriverclub branding can be used) and made accessible via the business’s website and social media channels.

[1] 95% of vehicles registered in or after 2010 are compatible.

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