Fuelling Becomes Crystal Clear With UK Fuels

Thursday, September 1, 2016 - 13:41
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UK Fuels, part of Radius Payment Solutions, is launching the UK’s first variable cost fuel card to give fleet managers more control over what they spend by determining the price of their fuel based on the volume they purchase.

Aimed at SME customers, the Crystal Fuelcard offers transparent pricing can be easily monitored through an online portal. For the first time, this new card will end the need for companies to call providers to negotiate pricing on a regular basis.

The fuel card pricing structure will be broken down into bands meaning customers can determine what price they pay per litre. Ultimately, the more fuel you buy, the more cost effective it becomes.

Crystal Fuelcard makes the price per litre clear and never charges customers more than the stated amount. This transparency of pricing is unusual in the fuel card market, where some providers charge fees for simply using their network and service, and can add thousands of pounds a year to fuel bills.

Chief Executive of Radius Payment Solutions, Bill Holmes, (Pictured) said: “In the current climate, customers want consistent transparent pricing and a solution, which places control back in their hands.”

The Crystal Fuelcard will also be the market’s only self-service fuel card, putting customers in control of all aspects of their account management through Radius’ free online portal Velocity, which is also downloadable as an app. The self-serving nature of the card will allow customers to retrieve their invoices online as and when they need and better regulate company expenses, making the entire process more efficient and straightforward. The self-service model will also mean Radius is able to reward customers with more competitive fuel prices.

Holmes added, “We aim to make fuel cards more tailored to the modern consumer, looking for innovative ways to offer simple and clear fuel solutions, building on our more than 25 years of experience. It is our belief that this unique fuel card will be an attractive offering for any business, inspiring confidence with the transparent pricing model. Crystal Fuelcard will be the only transparent fuel card on the market, with a card as transparent as the pricing.”

As well as the Crystal Fuelcard, UK Fuels is re-launching its Smartdiesel fuel card for HGV customers, which provides a similar self-service model allowing customers to see exactly how much they will pay per litre of fuel for the coming week.

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