Fuel Card Group taking fleets on the Green Journey

Thursday, August 21, 2014 - 15:30
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Helping fleets to meet sustainability commitments

The Fuel Card Group is inviting fleets to join it on ‘The Green Journey,’ as their route to a sustainable world.

‘The Green Journey’ is the name for its approach to helping fleets meet sustainability commitments – drawing on the Fuel Card Group’s own experiences in achieving sustainability credentials. Their integrated portfolio of services and advice are being offered to existing fleet management customers, and the wider fleet community, to help them meet targets and demonstrate their environmental commitment.

The Fuel Card Group has worked with fleets ranging from just a couple of vans to thousands of vehicles and it has built up a thorough understanding of the management challenges faced by the modern day fleet.

With this in mind, the Fuel Card Group is building a range of services to help fleets address critical sustainability issues. These are grouped into four key areas: CostCount, TaxCount, FuelCount and ServiceCount. Ranging from emissions to fuel consumption, they cover such issues as duty of care, driver behaviour, tax efficiency and even optimised servicing and maintenance.

The Fuel Card Group’s managing director, Steve Chesworth, said, “We long ago recognised the importance of sustainability as an issue of global significance, but also with potential to impact the bottom lines of individual organisations. Our years of investment to meet our own sustainability targets position us ideally to assist fleet customers wanting to achieve similar goals. As our products and services can all contribute towards increasing fleet sustainability, it seems reasonable to recognise and promote this reality.”

Joining The Green Journey will help fleets with such sustainability targets as lower whole-life vehicle costs, minimised vehicle emissions, more efficient journey planning for reduced mileages, improved driver performance and greater return on investment.

The Fuel Card Group’s marketing manager, Steve Clarke, said, “Fleet managers facing growing demands to show that they not only recognise the importance of sustainability, but are implementing active measures to address it. One of the challenges can be knowing where and how to start. With our experience in meeting sustainability targets, and our pioneering products and services, we offer unparallel capability to help fleets.”

Further information on the scheme can be viewed at http://www.thegreenjourney.co.uk/

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