FleetEurope Launches New MonthPlus Mid-Term Rental Service

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 - 12:18
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FleetEurope, a leading independent vehicle management solutions provider, has launched a new standalone mid-term vehicle rental service.


The MonthPlus service offers substantially reduced rates compared to daily rental when pre-booking a vehicle for 28 days or longer. Customers can choose from 34 different vehicle groups ranging from superminis to 7.5 tonne box vans. All vehicles supplied are new or nearly new with most vehicle groups offering low CO2 ratings of less than 130g/km.


Joe Howick, chief operating officer at FleetEurope, explained: “Customers can make an average saving of around £213.00 when renting a vehicle for 28 days by switching from a daily rental vehicle to our new MonthPlus service.


“Typically, the point at which savings start to be realised is when the daily rental period reaches 21 days. At this point it makes better financial sense to switch to FleetEurope’s MonthPlus tariff. MonthPlus is the first in a range of new services FleetEurope is launching this year to help businesses reduce their rental expenditure.”


In addition to cost savings MonthPlus also offers greater flexibility than a long-term vehicle lease, allowing customers to either keep the vehicle on-hire at the end of the 28-day minimum hire period at the same low daily rate, or simply hand the vehicle back at a day’s notice without incurring a penalty.


This makes it ideal for a variety of situations where interim vehicles are required to keep employees on the road, including:

  • Temporary staff or contractors that require a vehicle for up to one year.
  • New employees undergoing probationary periods.
  • A lead-in vehicle for employees awaiting delivery of a company car.
  • Emergency vehicles needed quickly when yours are off the road due to accident repairs and maintenance.
  • When vehicles are needed to meet increasing demand during seasonal or peak business periods.
  • A cost-effective alternative to an in-house pool car fleet that complies with duty of care issues.

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