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Fleet software ‘increasingly used for more than fleet’

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 - 13:38
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Flexibility and high number of interfaces means fleet software is being increasingly used for non-fleet processes

As a proven and capable enterprise level solution, it is often the best tool available to businesses and other organisations when a new IT-driven process needs to be created.

Ashley Sowerby, MD of Chevin Fleet Solutions, said: “Sometimes, the new process required is directly linked to the fleet but is not really pure fleet management. An example of this might be invoice matching workshop jobs with orders in the company’s accounts system.

“However, there are also much more imaginative uses in place, especially when it comes to mobile devices, such as using smartphones or tablets to record proof of delivery on a courier or parcel delivery, or as a means to quote or record sales from the field.”

Ashley added that, as an example, sales recorded in the field could then be invoiced to customers through the software using invoicing tools that already exist as part of the system, originally designed to manage fleet specific areas such as vehicle parts and suppliers but with small tweaks allow them to function for wider areas of business operations.

“Often when the capabilities of the software are recognised, broader business processes are consolidated into the system. Ultimately, a product such as FleetWave can deliver almost every type of analytics and reports from any areas of a business. It’s just a matter of how far an organisation wants to take the system.”

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