Fleet Logistics creates Global Mobility Solutions

Wednesday, September 16, 2020 - 08:01
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Fleet Logistics Group, Europe’s largest independent fleet management company, has created a new Global Mobility Solutions unit that will engage with fleet customers on the issues of cost effectiveness, sustainability and electrification, and corporate mobility alternatives.

Fleet Logistics

Thibault Alleyn, Head of Global Mobility Solutions

The new business brings together the expertise of the existing consultancy division in terms of market intelligence and methodologies, with the data management and analytical skills of the international reporting team.

It is led by Thibault Alleyn as the new Head of Global Mobility Solutions, who said: “Our Global Mobility Solutions unit combines the best of advisory and reporting experts in Fleet Logistics Group and will accelerate our focus on today’s and tomorrow’s hot topics in the fleet and mobility world.”

The timing of the launch was no surprise, as many companies had been left with a long list of burning issues to tackle in the “new normal” following the Covid-19 pandemic, said Alleyn.

Amongst the immediate concerns that companies are now facing are making their fleets more efficient, cost-effective and transparent given the severe economic challenges that many face following the crisis, he said.

They are also looking closely at introducing a greater share of alternative powertrains, as more people may be home working and travelling less business miles. This makes switching to electrified fleets even more economically relevant than before.

Companies are also redefining mobility options offered to their employees, as more people question the value of a company car in the light of a broader mix of mobility types becoming available, including the mobility budgets and mobility offers of a new ‘sharing’ economy, such as car-sharing, e-bikes and e-scooters.

Fleet Logistics Group’s CEO, Steffen Schick, added: “We have formed the Global Mobility Solutions unit to engage with stakeholders around the trends that will shape our future mobility and to help them evaluate what their options are, based on our trademark pragmatic and factual approach.

“Cost effectiveness, sustainability and transparency are approached from six key angles: strategy, technology, policy, change, procurement and process,” he said.

Completing its offering, the Global Mobility Solutions unit has a new emphasis on fleet publications, including ‘how to’ guides, in-depth country and topical reports, and fleet and mobility spend evolution bulletins.

Thibault Alleyn added: “We wish to play our role as industry experts, and share insights and knowledge with mobility stakeholders, independently of in-house or outsourced management.

“Across Global Mobility Solutions, whether consultancy, reporting, analytics or publications, everything is based on real life, hands-on experience gained from working for some 25 years with some of the world’s major organisations – combined with fact-based forward thinking.”

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