Fleet Hire launch fleet management ‘dashboard’

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 - 16:00
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Fleet Hire are launching a one-stop fleet management ‘dashboard’ which delivers real-time information to their customers and helps identify vehicle operating efficiencies.

The ‘dashboard’ technology is underpinned by Jaama’s Key2 system, which was implemented more than six years ago by Fleet Hire to manage their 6,000-strong fleet.

Password protected, the ‘dashboard’ is accessible via the Fleet Hire website.

It provides fleet managers with access to information including vehicle orders, invoicing, vehicle service and MOT dates, fleet vehicle renewal dates and employee driver licence checks.

Nick Poole, Sales Director at Fleet Hire, said: “Customers love the ‘dashboard’ because it enables them to obtain information on any aspect of their fleet in real-time, anywhere, and at any time.

“They can obtain comprehensive reports on every single facet of their fleet and tailor those reports to meet their own requirements.

“The traffic light system on the ‘dashboard’ immediately highlights any items that require urgent attention, such as a vehicle service or MOT, while driver notifications can be sent to individuals at a touch of a button.”

“Additionally, fleet managers can drill down into the available reports to study in depth individual vehicle and driver trends to obtain detailed information that enables them to take action if required.”

One-click drill-downs then show significant data, including contract data, technical data, taxation data, vehicle specifications and extras fitted and the full notification history for the vehicle.

Likewise, one click on a driver’s name and the system provides all the information held against that driver.

This includes their current vehicle, any orders pending, driver licence details, endorsements and all the dates of any service or MOT notifications sent out to them.

Martin Evans, Managing Director at Jaama, said: “Jaama has invested millions of pounds in emerging technology to offer companies such as Fleet Hire a world class range of advanced software products enabling them to deliver cutting-edge vehicle and driver management solutions to their customers.

“The customer ‘dashboard’ is one of our most recent modules and has been utilised by Fleet Hire to enable their customers to easily access the very latest data pertaining to their vehicles and drivers.

“Fleet decision-makers have a significant appetite for real-time data and Fleet Hire’s embracing of Key2 and most recently our customer ‘dashboard’ satisfies that desire.”