Fleet Evolution launches stand-alone fleet management service

Thursday, March 22, 2018 - 08:25
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Tamworth-based, car benefits specialist, Fleet Evolution, has launched an all-embracing stand-alone fleet management service to meet increasing demand from fleet customers who want a more flexible, personalised service.

The company already provides a full range of fleet management services for its salary sacrifice and car benefits clients, but this is the first time it has moved to provide a separate and fully customised fleet management service for companies that are not salary sacrifice customers.

Managing director Andrew Leech said that fleet management in the UK had become largely commoditised around price, but that what Fleet Evolution was looking to provide was a flexible, customised and tailored service for fleet customers that exactly met their requirements.

“We have seen the fleet management scene in this country move away from providing top quality, personalised service to one that is providing a service that is purely based on price – and that is not necessarily the best thing for the customer.

“What we are looking to be is different from the herd by providing a service that fleet customers actually want, that fully meets their every fleet need – rather than one that just puts a tick in the box,” he said.

Leech said that he had been approached by a number of salary sacrifice customers that wanted Fleet Evolution to manage their company car fleet as well as the vehicles they provided under salary sacrifice.

“Basically, they were saying to us ‘we like what you are doing on the salary sacrifice side for our employees. Now can you provide the same level of service for our company cars and to our company car drivers.’ It was a challenge we were happy to take on and a service we were happy to provide,” he said.

“We know that, through the services we already provide to salary sacrifice customers, we have developed a track record of delivering up to a 30% reduction in fleet running costs whilst improving the service for the customer, employees, drivers and suppliers. We are now extending that approach to a wider audience,” he added.

While other salary sacrifice providers shy away from SMEs, preferring to focus on larger corporate customers, Fleet Evolution, which was awarded Go Ultra Low company status at the end of last year for its commitment to boosting uptake of ultra-low emission vehicles, actively targets small to medium sized businesses.

Its smallest customer has just 17 employees while its largest has more than 2,500. In between are a number of companies that typically have 80-400 employees. The move into fleet management, therefore, seems most likely to come from the smaller end of the fleet market, providing fleet management services for fleets on average from 5 to 100 vehicles.

“However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t cope with larger fleets of several hundred vehicles as we have the infrastructure in place to handle that size of fleet,” added Andrew Leech.

“The key to success isn’t the size of the fleet, however, it’s the level of personalised, flexible service that we can provide and that will always be our number one commitment,” he said.

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