Epyx 1link Hire Network enhancement reduces short-term hire charges

Thursday, October 31, 2013 - 12:00
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IMPROVED: Short-term hire costs reduced

Epyx are helping fleets reduce the number of short-term hire driver charges and fines with a new enhancement to their 1link Hire Network.

The development is designed to enable fleets to drive down the number of damage, fuel and penalty charges incurred from short-term hire.

Hire providers supplying vehicles to fleets through the daily rental e-commerce platform can now use the new Driver Profile Alerts functionality to highlight previous invoices that contained charges.

This alert recognises the driver and provides advice to the fleet, making the booking at the time of placing a new request.

If more than a predefined number of previous hire invoices relating to a particular employee contained these charges, a pop-up warning will appear when a new booking appears.

This is designed to allow the fleet manager to actively tackle the problem.

David Wallace, Sales and Business Development Director at Epyx, said: “This is the kind of issue that could easily slip under the radar but Driver Profile Alerts allow hire providers to identify drivers who may not be aware of avoidable charges or clearly have an issue with treating hire vehicles appropriately.”

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