Enhanced CitNOW Dashboard Adds More Video Insights For Car Retailers

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 - 16:40
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Automotive video technology expert CitNOW has given motor trade professionals enhanced insights into the performance of their personalised video communications with the latest version of its dashboard.

The new dashboard presents detailed video analytics and customer feedback clearly and concisely, so videos created using CitNOW’s app-based technology can be tracked in order to identify top-performing videos and the presenters producing them.

CitNOW enables car dealers, workshops and bodyshops to record and send personalised video presentations to customers, with demonstrable improvements in sales and customer satisfaction. The new dashboard has been designed to help retailers take advantage of the benefits of video and to help them use it effectively.

Video analytics are accessible with scaled levels of visibility, so senior staff can monitor the video content produced by different departments within the business, as well as content on different sites and junior staff have the appropriate level of access too.

The new dashboard is available now, and users also benefit from improved ease of use and navigation and more data from customers.

Automotive professionals gain full access to customer video ratings. Of the customers who have provided feedback, 94% have awarded a scored a four or five-star rating. The transparency of the ratings system means dealers can take advantage of positive feedback to boost their CSI scores.

Promoting gentle competition among employees, these insights can help dealers reward high fliers and to provide extra training where needed to maximise customer engagement.

CitNOW chairman, Andrew Howells added: “Video technology continues to transform the way cars are bought and sold and the upgraded CitNOW dashboard will help motor trade professionals make the most of the opportunities video presents.

“The additional visibility will undoubtedly shape the reward and training strategy for staff using CitNOW, so retailers will be able to continually strive for outstanding communication with customers.”

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