ENGIE GeniePoint Network Expands Across West Midlands

Monday, June 8, 2020 - 10:40
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ENGIE has today announced a partnership with Bromsgrove District Council to provide electric vehicle charging across the area in support of the councils Ultra Low Emission Vehicles Strategy launched in 2019.


ENGIE, who own and operate the GeniePoint Network will install thirteen 50kW+ rapid chargers across Bromsgrove District, providing ongoing operational, customer service and maintenance services for the next ten years.  The chargers will be installed by BMM Energy Solutions, who are the lead contractor in the project, with the first installation due to commence early Summer 2020.  ENGIE & Bromsgrove District Council are planning to have all the chargers installed by the end of 2020.

Bromsgrove District has over 60,000 cars and vans, each producing on average over two tonnes of greenhouse gases per 10,000 miles driven, all the chargers installed will provide 100% renewable energy sourced from UK supply, which will result in zero NOx air pollution or greenhouse gases being produced for every mile fueled by electric vehicles using the chargers.

Bromsgrove District Council successfully won funding for the provision of EV charging under the Governments’ Ultra Low Emission Taxi Infrastructure Scheme and supporting the switch to clean transportation is a major part of the council’s drive for cleaner air in the community.  To encourage this change, for the first year following installation, all thirteen GeniePoint Network chargers will be made available free of charge to registered Taxi and Private Hire vehicles.  Following this free period, ENGIE will then offer a continued discounted rate of 75% for years 2-5, and 50% discount thereafter until the contract end.

Cllr Margaret Sherrey, whose portfolio covers Environmental Services, said: “This is fantastic news for our district. Now we can get the ball rolling to develop and implement clean transport options for our residents as well as giving EV users from elsewhere in the UK the opportunity to stop or visit Bromsgrove to “recharge their batteries”. This really is a win-win for Bromsgrove.”

All the chargers will be PAYG (pay as you go) and offer contactless credit or debit card payments, for the general public the tariff will be competitively priced with no connection fee and a £0.28p/kWh cost.

Alex Bamberg, Managing Director, ENGIE EV Solutions, said. “Bromsgrove District Council are successfully putting together a clean transport strategy to provide critical services to enable drivers to make the change to zero carbon transport.  Making reliable, easy to use and familiar EV charging facilities available to drivers in their own communities, encourages take up and results in cleaner air quality across the district.  Our GeniePoint Network is nationwide so once registered, drivers can always find a charger wherever their journey takes them across the country.”

The GeniePoint Network is first choice for many local authorities across the UK providing reliable charging facilities for local residents and commuters, as well as encouraging visitors to the area.  Drivers can find out more or register on the GeniePoint Network at: www.geniepoint.co.uk.

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