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Ebbon-Dacs add commercial vehicle module to next-gen Leaselink

By Kelly Mason
Thursday, March 6, 2014 - 15:00

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DIRECTOR: Rob Pilkington, of Ebbon Dacs

Oxford-based online solutions provider Ebbon-Dacs have rolled out the second generation version of their Leaselink platform.

The e-procurement system now benefits from new functionality for commercial vehicle convertors and a new look and feel.

Ebbon-Dacs are also finalising the development of a new third-party module specifically for commercial vehicle convertors and fitment specialists.

Robert Pilkington, Managing Director of the Leaselink International division of Ebbon-Dacs, said: “Our new third-party module will allow end users to track commercial vehicles with total transparency once they enter the conversion process and will fill in the black hole that existed before.

“New developments, like gaining type approval, will be added at a later date.

“Our new third-party module will allow end users to track commercial vehicles with total transparency.”

Rob Pilkington, Ebbon-Dacs

“We regularly review the development of Leaselink with our leasing company and dealer users to ensure it meets their demands and this third-party module was one of the first things they requested, as they felt there was a lack of transparency around the conversion process.

“This is one of the key developments for the new generation, which will have a very new look and feel, inspired by the best consumer systems, while keeping the functional depth of a powerful, administrative tool.

“The phased introduction of the new system on a module-by-module basis will minimise risk and disruption for our end-users and each new section will go through our user groups.

“The platform will also be compatible with all current integrations and will, of course, retain all historic data.”

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