CV Show 2014 Preview: Bridgestone (Part II)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 - 15:32
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PREVIEW: Bridgestone to show new app

Fleet operators visiting Bridgestone’s stand at the Commercial Vehicle Show will get a first glimpse of their brand-new app, it has been revealed.

The world’s largest tyre manufacturers have developed a digital fleet management solution, ‘Toolbox Touch’, to meet the needs of operators.

Native to Windows 8, the application records huge quantities of tyre data in a clear and concise manner, before providing analysis and reports.

Fleet managers can access information, as well as keep track of monthly expenses, pressure maintenance, removal causes, retreadability, tyre life, cost per kilometre and inventory control.

“The app represents a big advance in both technology and efficiency.”

Andy Mathias, Bridgestone

Andy Mathias, Product and Marketing Manager at Bridgestone, said: “The app represents a big advance in both technology and efficiency for Bridgestone.

“It records inspection of tyres on vehicles and quickly generates user-friendly reports for fleet consulting services.”

The ToolBox application categorises Bridgestone’s Total Tyre Care approach into three distinct packages: Monitor, Manage and Maintain.

Monitor is aimed at fleets who purchase tyres through a service provider or tyre dealer, but would welcome assistance in optimising or confirming a total tyre maintenance programme.

By subscribing to this service, Bridgestone tyre professionals will visit the fleet periodically and inspect a sample of tyres on vehicles as well as removed and end of life tyres.

The data is captured on Toolbox and presented back to the fleet to provide a real insight into tyre maintenance and performance levels including pressure analysis, damage analysis, main causes of removal and retreadability analysis.

Bridgestone will then work in partnership with the fleet to help transfer this analysis in to real financial savings.

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