Customers Get The Full FraikinView With New Web Portal

Tuesday, May 10, 2016 - 16:17
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Customers of fleet services provider Fraikin can enjoy complete control to optimise their fleet scheduling as the company expands its powerful web portal, FraikinView.

Following the completion of the customer-based first stage rollout at the start of 2016, Fraikin’s extensive network of third-party service partners can also now access the system to plan and track maintenance and repair work for vehicles operated by Fraikin customers.

Fraikin and its customers can then log in at any time from any place with an internet connection to see the status of their fleet and with complete transparency concerning the work in progress – allowing them to more accurately plan their fleet scheduling and minimise the impact of maintenance requirements on vehicle availability.

More than 300 service providers have already integrated into the system which allows work to be filed and flagged with Fraikin instantly – providing rapid approval of purchase orders, meaning vehicles can have work carried out and be put back on the road as quickly as possible.

Colin Melvin, Sales Director at Fraikin, explains: “We know that vehicle downtime and a lack of transparency when assets are undergoing maintenance are major concerns for fleet managers, so we’ve spent two years developing FraikinView to tackle these headaches head-on. Phase Two of FraikinView is the culmination of this hard work, and will help customers to optimise fleet scheduling to maximise uptime, while suppliers are able to speed up their purchase order provisioning and invoicing.”

Through a personalised dashboard, suppliers are able to accept both scheduled and unscheduled work, enter work in progress updates in real time, add start and estimated completion times, with all compliance documentation digitally logged for historical reference.

All of Fraikin’s 500-plus suppliers are to be added to the system, meaning customers across the country will have complete visibility of any R&M work carried out, regardless of their fleet type or size.

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