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CLM launches new website following surge in Mini-lease demand

Monday, June 25, 2018 - 09:57
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Fleet management specialist CLM has launched a new dedicated website for its Mini-lease range of products following a surge in uptake and demand from corporate customers.

The Newport Pagnell-based company has seen bookings for its flexible, short-to-medium term rental product increase by 30% year-on-year, with companies of all sizes booking rental vehicles on highly attractive 3-12 month terms.

Now, as a result of the increased demand, CLM has launched a dedicated website to help corporate customers find and book Mini-lease vehicles more easily, with increased information and support.

The new website at www.minilease.online  carries a range of available vehicles from small cars up to large sized vans, and a variety of different rates for Mini-leases ranging from 3-12 months in duration.

CLM Director – In Life Services, Chris Mitchinson, said: “We are seeing continuous demand for our Mini-lease vehicles from companies of all sizes – from SMEs through to major corporates.”

Mitchinson said there were a number of reasons for the increase in bookings in Mini-lease products in recent months.

“Firstly, there is economic and financial uncertainty in the market, some of it around Brexit and the lack of confidence that is causing for many businesses.

“At the same time, Mini-lease can provide an interim solution to the current issues around the WLTP (World Harmonised Light vehicle Test Procedure) emissions test, and the resulting uncertainty over the CO2 values of vehicles and availability issues.

“It is also worth noting that Mini-lease may be of great interest to those organisations operating under international accounting standards which will, under IFRS16, be required to show on their balance sheet all liabilities for leases, unless the lease term is 12 months or less. The short-term nature of Mini-lease means that this does not apply.

“In addition, it can be more motivational for drivers to change their cars every few months rather than every three or four years, especially with the wide variety of new vehicle launches each year, and some business want to reward their staff in this way.

“Currently, Mini-lease rates are highly competitive and may be as cheap if not cheaper than some contract hire rates. This is because we are able to negotiate direct deals with the vehicle manufacturers at very attractive rates on certain models,” he said.

CLM offers vehicles on Mini-leases from a number of manufacturers, including Volvo, Volkswagen, Kia, Vauxhall, Peugeot, Fiat, Suzuki, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, across a wide range of different models and powertrains.

The new Mini-lease website also shows a selection of medium to large vans and large passenger vehicles capable of meeting a wide range of transport needs for corporate customers.

“Where we differ from most rental companies is that we can offer specific makes and models,” explained Chris Mitchinson.

“Rental companies only normally offer what is available on the day. That means drivers don’t know exactly what model they will be receiving during the rental period, nor how many times the vehicles will be changed during the period.”

With a CLM Mini-lease, the driver is able to select the exact model of his or her choice from a selection and they keep the same vehicle for the duration of the rental period without having to chop-and-change.

A brand new Mini-lease vehicle can be delivered usually within 14 days and CLM will assist in getting a driver mobile in an interim vehicle within two business hours should an urgent request come through.

Servicing is not typically an issue as the vehicle usually comes off-hire before its first service, while the terms of the agreement covers any ad hoc or exceptional work that may be required.

If a company wants to order a batch of the same vehicles, perhaps over a short term contract or project, so that all staff are on the same footing and status, then a Mini-lease is again the ideal answer thanks to the large number of vehicles available.

“We have had some companies with a spend of half a million pounds on daily rental ordering up to 30 cars on Mini-leases for their employees,” added Chris Mitchinson.

As well as having its own pool of Mini-lease vehicles, CLM’s rental arm can also access a multi-supply network with all of the leading rental suppliers. Between them they operate over 2,500 outlets in the UK, so finding the right model is never a problem.

CLM also employs an industry-leading web-delivered rental management system, which enables clients to book, extend and cancel vehicle rentals online, as well as accessing a comprehensive range of management reporting and invoicing.

Using this system, Mini-lease vehicles can be booked online from any location or medium, be it tablet, smartphone or PC, with the vehicle being automatically delivered to the location where it is required.

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