Automatic fleet daily rental invoice validation booming, claim Epyx

Monday, November 11, 2013 - 16:00
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BOOM: Epyx claim auto invoices up

Online automatic validation of fleet daily rental invoices is rising quickly, according to figures from Epyx’s 1link Hire Network.

Statistics show 75% of fleets are now passing invoices around without human intervention, compared to 35% five years ago.

The improvement, Epyx claim, has been created by better fleet manager and daily rental supplier understanding of the benefits of automatic validation.

David Wallace, Sales and Business Development Director at Epyx, said: “Automatic validation is one of the key advantages of using e-commerce to buy daily rental.

“Without it, you will potentially generate as many invoice rejections as you would with a paper system, which is clearly not making the most of the technology.

“Used properly, automatic validation means that the booking details and then the invoice itself are agreed automatically online against the original quotation.

“Only if this varies will there be the need for any human intervention.

“Fleets and their suppliers have developed the expertise to recognise where points of divergence between quote and invoice are likely to occur and identify them in advance.

“An already efficient process is becoming more and more impressive.”

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