Waste Auto Windscreens glass makes 11.6MILLION bottles in six months

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WASTE: 775tonnes of glass recycled

Waste vehicle glass recycled by Auto Windscreens between January and June has led to the production of an estimated 11.6million average-size bottles.

More than 775tonnes of automotive waste glass was recycled in the first six months of 2013, with the figure expected to hit 1,500tonnes by the year’s end.

Auto Windscreens recycle 100% of their waste glass, recycling 966tonnes over the course of 2012.

Vanessa Jones, Health and Safety Manager at Auto Windscreens, said: “As an industry we are responsible for what happens next to damaged glass removed from our customers’ vehicles and, in the case of Auto Windscreens, we recycle 100% of it.

“It is truly amazing to think all that unwanted glass has been used to help make millions of bottles.

“I like the thought that I could be drinking from a bottle that is made partly of a windscreen once belonging to perhaps a Porsche 911, or even a Lamborghini Gallardo!”

Berryman, a leading glass recycling business, are contracted to remove Auto Windscreens’ unwanted vehicle glazing.

They use their damaged glass, known as cullet, to make around 10-15% of an average bottle.

Glass can be reused many times in varying percentages, depending on the clarity of the glass being produced.

Image courtesy of Ruthieki, with thanks.

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