Arval develop ‘LCV Specifier’

Friday, May 2, 2014 - 15:00
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NEW: Arval launch LCV Specifier

Arval have launched a new tool which reduces the time it takes for businesses to identify the most suitable van for their needs.

The ‘Light Commercial Vehicle Specifier’, which was designed and built in-house by the Arval Consultancy team, can be used by customer support teams to provide advice, or directly by the customers themselves.

Based on individual customer priorities, a slider is used to select the minimum and maximum load length, height and payload that they require from the van.

To help with this, the tool even includes a comprehensive list of equipment regularly carried by van fleets – including ladders, boilers, workbenches and cleaning equipment.

Including weights and dimensions, this means that they have a quick reference guide to check that the criteria selected meets their needs.

Once the parameters have been set, the tool identifies a comprehensive list of vans which meet the customers’ requirements.

Covering all manufacturer brands, drill down functionality means that more detailed information on each make and model can be accessed.

The tool can also identify the best vehicle based on mpg performance.

Tony Grove, LCV Manager at Arval, said: “Selecting the right vehicles is the single most important factor in optimising the fleet operation but with a wide range of LCV variants, it’s not always easy to do.

“This tool effectively supports the decision making process, refining a huge pool of information into a manageable list of vehicles.”

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