Allstar and AA join to provide exclusive cost-cutting breakdown and misfuel salvage service

Wednesday, July 17, 2013 - 15:10
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SALVAGED: AA to Allstar customers’ rescue

Fuel card provider Allstar are teaming up with the AA to provide an exclusive salvage service for the 400 drivers who misfuel every day.

Allstar’s pay-for-use AA Breakdown and Fuel Assist – available to all existing and new customers – will see the AA repair misfuelled vehicles and provide roadside assistance.

Filling a diesel vehicle with petrol costs British motorists more than £800million every year, but Allstar’s pay-as-you-go service means customers can swerve expensive memberships.

Upon misfuelling, a technician will visit the vehicle on the forecourt, drain the fuel system and get the vehicle back on the road.

Roadside recovery is also available on the same pay-as-you-use basis.

Paul Baker, Head of Networks at Allstar Business Solutions, said: “For fleets wishing to minimise overheads, pay-for-use vehicle breakdown and fuel assist cover offers a flexible alternative to paying an annual fee for a service which may never be used.

“Allstar has the UK’s largest fuel network and the AA is the UK’s leading breakdown service with more dedicated patrols than anyone else.

“This combined market-leading expertise means we are able to provide an unsurpassed service to our customers who, in addition, also have access to Allstar’s bulk-buying discounts.

“At Allstar we work closely with our clients to understand how we can further support their business needs and, as such, are continuously developing new products and services.

“We will be further developing the services available through Allstar Plus and have a number of new product launches planned for this year.”

The AA attend almost 3.5million vehicles at the roadside each year following a breakdown.

Roger Williams, Director of Fleet Services at the AA, added: “Our patrols fix four out of every five cars at the roadside which is essential to keep the UK’s business fleet moving and our economy flowing.

“Through the new Allstar Plus AA Breakdown service, we are able to extend our assistance to Allstar’s customer team ensuring drivers are not left stranded if a breakdown should occur, getting you back on the road, or safely to a repair garage, as soon as possible.”

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