Housing associations looking to fleets for balance

Thursday, March 5, 2015 - 09:46
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Housing associations looking to fleets as they seek to balance social and business obligations, reports Chevin

Housing associations are increasingly looking to their fleets as they seek to balance their social and business obligations in the face of a range of impending issues, reports fleet software specialist Chevin Fleet Solutions.

The company says that HAs are coming under pressure because of everything from the impact of Universal Credit on the way that rents are paid through to the longer term effects of housing an ageing population. Against this backdrop, they are facing an ongoing organisational commitment to deliver service excellence and value for money.

Ashley Sowerby, managing director, said: “These organisations have busy service and maintenance departments with often surprisingly large fleets of vehicles providing a full responsive property repairs service as well as cyclical and planned works.

“They are currently examining their fleet operations is some detail as part of wider programmes designed to ensure that they are balancing their social and business responsibilities in the face of increasing financial pressure.

Ashley said that fleet software was being looked at by HAs as part of wider moves to measure and explore results currently being achieved and to evidence any improvements.

“HAs recognise that there is a growing need to track their fleet’s effectiveness and, while a few are already using specialist software, there is a large potential market. We are currently in dialogue with several about how software can help them to achieve their aims.”

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