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Novus Automotive Ltd

Novus Automotive have been operating since 2008.

Novus manufacture vehicle technology products such as CCTV products for the UK and European market.

We design both the camera and the software to help improve safer driving, assist with risk management and decrease the risk of being involved in an accident.

We are approved by Transport for London, the majority of the nation’s councils and some of the nation’s largest insurance broker firms.

Our product range is universal, providing private owners, haulage firms, fleet managers and taxi drivers protection against the increasing threat of fraudulent insurance claims.



Established in 2015, VisionTrack is an innovative and specialist supplier of in-vehicle CCTV and camera telematics for commercial fleets and insurance customers.

We offer our clients and partners the most advanced, innovative and reliable hardware available. Our user-friendly video telematics platform, which improves driver safety and dramatically increases the speed at which insurance claims are resolved, makes VisionTrack one of the most powerful integrated fleet tracking and monitoring solutions on the market.

VisionTrack technology helps protect drivers and businesses, while improving driving standards by transmitting vital, real-time event footage via HD video, along with a vehicle’s actual location and speed.

Using our technology means that instead of only being aware of the driver’s behaviour, as with traditional telematics, users can see exactly what the driver sees, and why each event happens.

We are passionate about road safety and are continually developing our technology with the aim of helping drivers understand how they drive in the real world. Our products and systems educate drivers to drive more defensively – giving them extra space and more time to react. Even a few micro-seconds can make the difference between a near-miss and a serious incident.

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