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Petro-Canada Lubricants, a Suncor Energy business, have more than 30years’ experience in helping fleets improve their bottom line with premium quality heavy duty engine oils. We blend and package more than 350 different lubricants, speciality fluids and greases that are exported to more than 70 countries on six continents.

Our extensive line of DURON Heavy Duty Engine Oils are known for going beyond today’s standards to provide the best in protection and performance. Led by our high-performing DURON UHP 10W-40, Petro-Canada offer a full range of lubricants and greases that exceed the needs of both on and off-road fleets across Europe.

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*Based on results from the Daimler OM 646 LA industry recognized test.**Fuel economy results are based on the generally accepted and industry recognized SAE J1321 Type II fuel consumption test. Comparison of fuel economy is relative to an SAE 15W-40 oil, and in combination with a 75W-90 gear oil (versus 85W-140 gear oil). Actual results are dependent on external factors including, but not limited to: driving terrain, weather conditions, tire pressure and severity of operating conditions.