Crash-for-Cash: Technology is helping to fight fraud

Friday, April 24, 2015 - 14:13
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In his latest article for FleetPoint, Phil Shirley looks at how technology is combating crash-for-cash fraud

With fleet businesses arguably more exposed than ever to increasing vehicle collision and compensation costs, the industry needs to come together in supporting innovative technologies that can be tools in deterring bogus insurance claims.

It would be a positive move to see technologies, such as in-vehicle cameras, for example, used more frequently. Their ability to help identify exactly what has happened at the scene of an accident could prove an excellent tool in fighting fraudulent motor accident claims.

Looking at the bigger picture, however, so-called “360 Degree’ fleet safety solutions, which integrate telematics, vehicle tracking technology and in-vehicle cameras may be needed help fleet businesses manage the full spectrum of risks.

Of course, finding ways to protect against fraud, such as the recent crash-for-cash scam, is high on the agenda for business fleets, and understandably so, but using innovative technologies designed to improve road safety, reduce insurance costs and enhance duty of care makes more sense in the long term.

The combination of vehicle tracking technology and in-vehicle cameras, for example, creates an umbrella of preventive and protective technology.

Telematics technology is integral to a successful preventive safety strategy because it can be effectively utilised to assess drivers and ensure safety and quality.

The introduction of in cab camera technology not only protects the driver and business from ‘not at fault claims,’ but also enables us to offer a complete proactive and preventative solution, that has the potential to deliver measurable improvements in terms of accident and cost reduction.

Think of the combination as a ‘safety net’ – a last line of defence for drivers and fleet businesses in those unfortunate circumstances beyond their control

Prevention is better than cure, and using data from telematics and vehicle-tracking software to help mitigate poor driving significantly reduces on-road risk, but when you are on the road you need 360 degrees of protection.

Phil Shirley is head of content, media, and public relations with Navman Wireless, a world leader in vehicle tracking solutions

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