More than half of vehicles operating in Clean Air Zones not yet ULEZ compliant

Friday, February 15, 2019 - 09:15
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Dhruv Parekh

Over 50% of the vehicles operating in Clean Air Zones (CAZ) are currently non-compliant with new Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) standards, risking significant fines for operators approximating £400 per vehicle, per year. These findings come from new research by telematics solutions provider Masternaut and the UK’s largest gas distribution network, Cadent Gas.

In order to help fleet managers prepare for the ULEZ standards coming into effect on 8th April 2019, Masternaut is hosting a free one-hour webinar. The webinar, led by Masternaut’s ULEZ experts, will provide data-driven recommendations on how to adjust fleet operations to avoid fines, and it will take place on 27th February at 10am GMT. Masternaut’s data science and consulting Catalytix team works with clients both with and without Masternaut telematics installed to help them prepare for the new ULEZ standards.

Dhruv Parekh, CEO at Masternaut said: “The research clearly shows that many fleet companies are at risk of facing fines when the new regulations come into place, posing a significant challenge to the industry. With many competing demands on fleet managers’ time, we know these new standards are just one more headache to tackle in an already busy day. We have developed this webinar to give a clear picture of exactly what fleets need to do to get ready, stay compliant and avoid fines, and we look forward to welcoming as many people as possible on the 27th.”

 Based on data from Masternaut customers, the research highlighted how many non-compliant vehicles entered the upcoming ULEZs between August 2017 and August 2018 and how much it would cost businesses if they continue operating in the same way once the new standards come into effect:

  • 55.3% of the vehicles that entered the London CAZ were non-compliant, which would have resulted in total fines of £1690 per vehicle for that period, had the new regulations been in place
  • 53.2% of the vehicles that operated in the Birmingham CAZ were non-compliant – a potential fine risk of £711 per vehicle for businesses over that year
  • 53.4% of the vehicles operating in the Sheffield CAZ were non-compliant and would have caused fines of £2476 per vehicle over the period

ULEZ policies will improve air quality, and vehicles will need to meet the strict exhaust emission standards in order to avoid daily fines. The new standards will replace the existing T-Charge.

To register for the webinar visit:

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