First Manchester response to Manchester’s Clean Air Proposal

Wednesday, February 27, 2019 - 08:37
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Ian Humphreys, Managing Director of First Manchester


27th February 2019

Response to Greater Manchester Clean Air Proposal

Ian Humphreys, Managing Director of First Manchester commented:

“We fully support the need to improve air quality and the environment across the Greater Manchester area. We are however disappointed to learn that additional taxation is to be used as the first key step in the plan as it is not helpful and an added burden on those who will ultimately pay and may not be able to afford it – especially those in the more deprived communities we serve.

“Bus passengers should be encouraged and rewarded for their choice of travel mode rather than being penalised as they are making a contribution to improving our environment. Air quality improvement planning requires a number of measures to be introduced in parallel to avoid penalising particular groups in society.”

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