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Why you should invest in an EV in 2021

Are you thinking or buying or replacing your vehicle this year? If you are you probably have some thoughts about which one to go for. You might have the latest BMW or Audi in mind. These are still excellent cars and provide good fuel economy, but they aren’t the future. More and more governments and manufacturers are getting behind EVs. The reasons are outlined below.


What if you could dramatically reduce the cost of running a vehicle? That means slashing or eliminating the full costs. How much would you save? Add to that a reduction in road tax too, because you’re running an ultra modern vehicle.

If this doesn’t sound realistic then consider the benefits of running an EV. Although most places will charge for the electricity, and you will pay for it if you charge at home; certain government subsidised power stations will fill you up for free.


Owning and running a car is an expensive business, especially if it’s a conventional gas powered vehicle. You need to have it regularly serviced, you need to have the oil and filters changed, and you need to fix any technical issues under the bonnet.

This is not the case with an EV. EVs don’t have any conventional working parts. All they have is a battery that needs to be replaced very rarely. You only have to service the brakes and change the tyres. The cost of owning a private vehicle just got a whole lot cheaper.


Only a decade ago EVs were still considered to be unworkable solutions to private car ownership. Not only was the infrastructure in its infancy, but the technology in the vehicles was not competitive. Nobody wanted a car with substandard performance attributes.

Fast forward a few years and everything has changed. Now there are several EV power stations on your commute to work and the performance of the car has significantly improved. EVs can now compete, or even outcompete, many of their gas powered rivals.


One of the reasons why EVs are so cheap to run is down to the climate crisis. Governments around the world have issues grants and subsidies to promote the growth of EVs on the roads. This indicates that more infrastructure will be developed in coming years so EVs become commonplace.

Until that happens you can take full advantage of the discounts and support the planet at the same time. EVs are not yet fully carbon neutral but they don’t have any emissions at the tailpipe. Good news for local air quality.


As previously mentioned EV emergent always the performance cars they are today. It has taken an upswing in consumer demand and the emerging climate crisis to motivate manufacturers to create more reputable models. But they have risen to the challenge.

Not only do EV run on more effective batteries with a better range, they are as silent as ever. Imagine driving without the low background hum of an engine. It’s good for your head space and for those hands free calls.


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