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The future of V2G charging and the opportunities for fleets

Vehicle-to-Grid technology is growing in interest, with over 1.5K searches a month, as Octopus Energy officially launches the UK’s first V2G tariff for EV drivers.

Adam Hall

Adam Hall

Following the news, EV charging expert – Adam Hall – weighs up the future of V2G charging and the opportunity it poses for businesses and fleets alike. Adam has over 15 years of experience in the EV sector and is a much-followed and respected commentator on the EV industry.

“We’re in a transformative time where electric vehicles are integrating into our energy ecosystem. In one of National Grid’s Future Energy Scenarios, V2G charging could provide up to 38GW of flexible power from 5.5 million EVs. That extra electricity would cover all the extra peak power the UK needs in the highest-demand scenario for 2050. Not only does this offer EV drivers the benefit of free charging, but also empowers them to become active participants in shaping the future of energy consumption.

Alongside wider electrification, we know that EVs will create extra demand for power. This rise in demand is likely to affect the price of electricity, but price volatility creates an opportunity for businesses to profit through optimising bi-directional V2G charging.

We see EVs as electric assets that can transform how organisations use energy and supercharge sustainability agendas through V2G technology. Historically, fleet vehicles have generated revenue only while operational. What V2G offers, in principle, is the opportunity for fleets to generate revenue in their downtime, too.

Drax Charge Point

Image: Drax

Currently, bi-directional charge points are available, but they’re not yet at a sufficient scale or an appropriate price to be viable. However, V2G technology will soon become more affordable, and organisations with EV fleets will be in a key position to benefit.

We’re helping organisations across the UK transition from internal combustion engine vehicles to EVs and develop a reliable, future-proofed electrification strategy. By trialling technologies like V2G, we’re beginning to understand how they can work in tandem and the future of commercial energy. Everything we learn will help us support businesses – now and in the future.”

Adam Hall is a Director at Drax Electric Vehicles and has been with Drax Group since 2010. Adam leads the Drax Electric Vehicles team to help large-scale businesses, like SES Water, in their journey to net zero through fleet electrification, destination charging and workplace charging solutions. As a much-followed and respected commentator on the EV industry, Adam has featured in many industry and national publications.

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