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Milk & More partners with Elmtronics

Monday, November 25, 2019 - 09:52
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The country’s largest grocery and milk doorstep delivery service, Milk & More, rolled out 159 new environmentally friendly electric vehicles (EVs) from June to October 2019. The new electric vehicles has taken its fleet to just over 500, making it the largest electric fleet in the country.

Milk & More

Milk & More has partnered up with an independent supplier and installer of EV charging equipment, Elmtronics, who has supplied 80 Dual Smart Charging stations for the electric delivery vans whilst also commissioning each site.

Elmtronics has guided Milk & More through the switch providing education and support enabling the team to make an informed decision on the type of chargers for the all-electric LDV EV80 vehicles. The Alfen Eve Dual Smart Chargers were selected as the best solution to fulfil the needs of the business.

With the ever-increasing popularity of EVs, Milk & More has taken the vital steps to ensure each of its sites are ready for the future as the infrastructure installed can be increased over time to occupy more vehicles.

The new LDV EV80 electric vans, which are powered by rechargeable batteries and have a range of up to 120 miles, represent the latest step in the business’ wider commitment to reducing its environmental footprint.

Milk & More’s electric fleet will travel over 14 million miles a year, saving 3.4 million litres of diesel annually. Noise reduction is also a key customer benefit, which is important due to many of its milkmen and milkwomen delivering to customers’ homes by 7am.

Marc Ling, development manager at Milk & More, said: “We chose to work with Elmtronics as from the initial discussions there was a clear understanding from Elmtronics of the direction of the Milk & More business and our fleet strategy in terms of the large electric vehicle projects we are undertaking.

“Our Partnership is built on strong communication and a collaborative approach across all aspects with a very good face to face relationship with excellent support and advice throughout the process.”

Dan Martin, CEO at Elmtronics, commented: “Working with Milk & More is such an exciting project for us. They are absolutely committed to reducing emissions where they can, and the electric fleet suits the needs of the customers and the business perfectly.

“The Dual Smart Charging Stations we have installed are 7kW Dual Eve units and the charging stations will all be connected to the Hubsta Network – an intelligent network that connects to over 55,000 charge points worldwide.”

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