Hannah Pearson from Vanaways with Chris Hannon from Mech NW and some of the company’s new electric vehicles

Fast-growing Merseyside M&E company converts fleet to electric

Rapidly-expanding Merseyside M&E contractor Mech NW has selected Vanaways as its vehicle provider for its ongoing growth journey.

The Wirral-based mechanical and electrical company is expecting to double last year’s £1.5m turnover this year and in the meantime has converted its fleet of vehicles to 100 per cent electric.

The latest additions are a brand new Maxus T90 EV pickup truck and two Renault Kangoo L1 E-Tech vans.

Each has been supplied on a new lease hire arrangement which managing director Chris Hannon expects to save expenditure on both acquisition and running costs of the vehicles.

The savings follow advice from Hannah Pearson, the regional business development manager for Vanaways in the North West.

“We were spending £400 a week on diesel,” said Mr Hannon, “and now it’s about £150 per week for charging, at around £7 or £8 per charge at home overnight. Over the course of the year that’s a significant saving, and the install costs for the chargers are paid off quite quickly.

“Combined with the savings on the costs of acquiring the vehicles – the truck alone was not far off half the price of what a diesel one would be – we’re really grateful to Hannah for the advice.

“These savings are going to help us reinvest in the growth of the business over the next few years, starting with the introduction of our new electrical division.”

Electric VansBased in Pioneer House in the Wirral, Mech NW employs 25 staff and was set up by Mr Hannon four years ago.

The company provides renewables, mechanical, plumbing and electrical services to numerous nationwide construction contractors and some tier 1 M&E contractors, mainly on installations in new multi-occupancy properties like care homes, student accommodation, hotels and apartment blocks.

“There’s a lot happening in the North West and we’re looking forward to meeting the demand for our services,” said Mr Hannon.

“Having a good van supplier will be a great feature of our journey going forward, and the electrification of the fleet is important given the attention our clients pay to the carbon footprint of their operations and their supply chain.”

Vanaways is itself undergoing spectacular current growth, having moved into new offices in Ham Green near the M5 at Bristol early last year.

Company turnover has risen dramatically in 2023, while staff numbers have risen to 72 and the business is on track to deliver sales on more than 6,000 vehicles in 2024.

Working with a vast network of suppliers across the UK, the company offers free delivery with a digitalised sales process which enables quick fulfilment of the customer’s fleet needs.

Ms Pearson said: “It’s great to be able to bring our full range of deals and suppliers to companies like Mech NW so we can genuinely offer them the solution that works best for them.

“There are some amazing fleet opportunities out there for companies which are able to think outside the box, and we enjoy helping open up those avenues.

“Whether it’s the cost benefits of electric vehicles over diesel, or various finance packages which we can bring to the table, we get a real buzz out of partnering with customers who are looking to grow.

“Like any growing trades business, Chris and the team at Mech NW rely heavily on their vehicles so it’s a pleasure to be here for them on that journey.”

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