E.ON provides EV chargers for Polystar Plastics

Thursday, January 3, 2019 - 08:16
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A polythene manufacturer has acquired electric vehicle (EV) charging posts for use by its staff and customers.

The posts at Polystar Plastics in Southampton allow up to 12 vehicles to be charged at one time.

They were installed by E.ON, which will also maintain and operate them as well as provide the power supply.

 Polystar Plastics commercial director Suchin Talwar said: “Developing more environmentally-friendly products is key to our business’s success, and we’re focussed on green packaging solutions and products that have a positive environmental impact.

“Alongside this, it made sense to consider our own long-term sustainability and installing charging posts has proved a popular decision with our customers and employees.”

Shahid Rana from E.ON’s Drive team said: “We were already supplying Polystar Plastics with their power needs and understood their ambition to become more sustainable.

“Through our E.ON Drive application, providing the full EV infrastructure service for businesses, we were able to meet their needs in providing a more sustainable transport method in a way that didn’t disrupt their core business.”

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