BT Fleet Solutions helps BT to launch its first electric vehicle company car scheme

Wednesday, November 21, 2018 - 10:07
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BT has launched its first dedicated EV Company Car scheme, with support from its Fleet Solutions business, the company announced today.

The launch confirms BT Group’s commitment to the environment, reinforces the company’s green credentials and follows the announcement of its target for net zero emissions by 2045 during Green GB Week.

BT’s net zero target takes the Group’s current goal, an 87% reduction in emissions intensity by 2030, a step further and leads the way following news that the Government has asked its Climate Change Committee to investigate a net zero target for the UK as a whole.

Shifting to ultra-low emission vehicles is key to meeting these targets, a transition made possible in part by HMRC’s new advisory fuel rate (AFR) for pure electric cars at 4 pence per mile.

Henry Brace, managing director at BT Fleet Solutions comments: “The move to pure EV is one we have been seeing for some time with the number of staff who drive diesel vehicles dropping in favour of more uptake in plug-in hybrids (PHEV). The move to pure EV is the natural progression of this, and we’re delighted to support the wider Group in their uptake of alternative fuelled vehicles.”

BT has been preparing to support electric vehicles ahead of this launch. The scheme, which is available to upwards of 3,000 drivers across the business, is reinforced by the upskilling of more of BT Fleet Solutions’ engineers. The intention is to enhance their skill set with more detailed knowledge of EV diagnostics and repair to support growth in EV services.

Brace continues: “BT as a forward-looking technology business, has had an internal community of alternative fuel vehicle supporters for some time, who will no doubt be front of the line to secure their EV models. But we believe EVs will be popular with all of our company car base.

“Back in 2008, we vowed to reduce the company’s carbon emissions by 80% by 2020. We achieved our goal four years early however the work hasn’t stopped there. The new EV Company Car scheme excellently demonstrates our dedication to BT’s long-term sustainability strategy.

“BT Fleet Solutions’ EV Company Car Scheme is one of a number of sustainability initiatives across the wider business. Other projects include the reduction of recycling and packaging, and a pledge to use 100 per cent renewable energy by 2020.”

The launch of this scheme follows the recent release of the 2018 Operational Fleet Report which has also highlighted the growth of EV in the fleet sector. Jointly created by BT Fleet Solutions and the AA, having engaged Populus, the leading independent market research consultancy. The report sheds light on two of the key issues facing businesses with fleet operations – clean air and alternative fuels.

A full copy of the Operational Fleet Report 2018 can be downloaded here:

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