VW Transporter is Glass’s Used Van Hero for August

Thursday, August 18, 2016 - 15:41
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VW transporter 2

The Volkswagen Transporter has been named as Glass’s Used Van Hero for August, offering toughness and reliability alongside strong specification and value.

Each month, Glass’s commercial vehicle editors hold a meeting to name the current Used Van Hero in the UK market – the model they believe offers outstanding value, quality and ability.

Andy Picton, Senior Commercial Vehicle Editor: “The Transporter is an iconic commercial vehicle for very good reasons. It is excellent to drive, superbly well-made and has strong support from its specialist dealer network.

“The only downside is that these advantages come at a price. It is not a cheap vehicle although it very much proves the adage that you get what you pay for. A well-looked after used Transporter will remain reliable for many years.

“However, as long as it has air conditioning, it should prove easy to sell and will hold its residual values, which are right at the top of its class.”

Andy added that, at this time of year, used Transporters had additional appeal because so many were used as the basis for camper van conversions.

“The VW Camper is a quintessential summer vehicle and Transporter-based vehicles are among the best on the market, ranging from basic versions to fully blinged-out examples.”

Andy highlights some key points that make the Volkswagen Transporter a Used Van Hero:

USED VAN HERO: Volkswagen Transporter T30 2.0 TDI 102 LWB L/Roof

WHY? Very impressive build quality. Car like driveability. Good load space and versatile.

WHEN WAS IT ON SALE? More than 12 million Transporters in all variants have been sold during its 65-year history.

WHAT’S GOOD? A huge fan base. Rock solid residual values that means depreciation will be minimal. The dedicated commercial vehicle dealer network means they will understand your issues.

WHAT’S BAD? Not the cheapest used van to buy and must have air conditioning.

IDEAL BUY? VW Transporter T30 2.0 TDI 102 LWB L/Roof. 2011/11 plate 60k miles – £8,000 excluding VAT at trade

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