CD Auction Group predicts fewer vehicle movements

Monday, January 27, 2020 - 10:23
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CD Auction GroupCD Auction claims the remarketing process is changing as fleets and dealers demand fewer vehicle movements for environmental reasons and the need for greater efficiency. The auction company predicts volumes of vehicles sold off-site will soar to 50% of vehicles sold in 2020.

The company uses the latest technology to auction vehicles from a collection hub or de-fleet facility which removes the need to move the vehicles to an auction centre. It saw off-site sales reach 25% of its total sales volume in December 2019.

Commenting on the trend, Andy Brown, managing director at CD Auction Group said: “With the latest imaging technology and improvements in data, a vehicle can be added to a virtual auction from anywhere in the UK. The approach radically shortens the time from defleet to sale and cuts CO2 by removing multiple transport moves. It is proving popular with fleets of all sizes, and our buyers appreciate instant access to stock.”

CD Auction says it takes a channel-agnostic approach to remarketing strategy. It works with fleets to find the most efficient route to market using onsite sales in physical auction, remote sales at third party sites and off-site sales at any location. Its off-site sales achieve the same conversion rates as a traditional physical auction.

Brown said: “Unlike some of our larger competitors we aren’t wedded to large auction networks. It allows us to put innovation at the heart of our service and drive real efficiencies. The multi-channel approach is attracting new customers and underpinned our record December for sales.”

CD Auction has developed a digital passport for each vehicle that uses high-quality images and comprehensive data to give buyers confidence.

The company estimates it is saving up to five vehicle movements from the defleet and remarketing process, which provides a greener approach. It has invested in its technology platform that allows for vehicles to be inspected and sold from any location.

The CD Auction platform is available from all SMH Group sites across the UK to create a national network of fast-track defleet and remarketing hubs.

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