Are Londoners buying the wrong car?


Londoners are leading the charge to purchase big cars such as a 4×4 or SUV with 31% doing so despite the city’s efforts to cut pollution, according to new AA Financial Services data.

Despite the rest of the nation looking to buy a hatchback (44%), those in the capital are least likely to buy a small, more fuel-efficient car (34%).

Although the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) regulation came into effect on the 8th April it is clear from the data that style and status are a bigger priority for some Londoners. The new regulation will see those driving in central London paying £12.50 a day (£4562.50 a year) unless their vehicle meets the new tighter standards. Some electric and hybrid 4x4s will of course be exempt from the ULEZ charge.

When asked about the next type of car they would like to buy, Londoners emerged as those most likely in England to be on the lookout for a 4×4.

According to the research, 13% of drivers in London believed that “if their car looks good, so do they.”

David Searle, the AA’s Director of financial services commented: “This research suggests that some drivers in the capital perhaps need to think more about which car is most appropriate for their lifestyle.

“As the new ULEZ regulation is introduced, one might expect drivers to opt for smaller, greener cars but clearly large vehicles such as 4x4s and SUVs remain a popular choice in London – only beaten by drivers in Wales (33%) where the terrain might suggest such cars are more appropriate.

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