Car dealerships reopening June 1st

Wednesday, May 27, 2020 - 09:00
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With the announcement car dealers WILL reopen on June 1st, obtained comments from CarwiseUK:

Car Dealerships

What will car dealerships look like when they reopen?

Being shut down since 22 March has had a dramatic effect on business, like the whole of the motor industry, both selling brand new and used cars.

From our perspective, giving an insight from a used dealership, we purchase most of our stock from Auctions, which have all been closed. This has had a huge impact on the few cars that we have been able to sell since lockdown to key workers. This has left us with a very empty showroom. When we reopen next week, where we usually have between 20-30 cars, this is now scaled down to very low numbers. This is what all the other used car showrooms will also be experiencing.

Car Dealerships

How will safety standards be maintained?

  • Non-contact delivery.
  • All vehicles sanitised prior to delivery, making sure that all surfaces, steering wheel, clutch, door handles are wiped down prior to the customer touching the car.
  • Gloves always worn and frequently changed throughout the day to prevent spread of germs. Masks worn too, with the 2m distancing with customers.
  • Hand sanitisers located at points around showrooms.
  • Bank transfers with no cash to eliminate contact.

If a customer wants to test drive a vehicle, we allow them to drive the car without us in it, again adhering to the social distancing rules. Trade plates are to be used. Once a vehicle has been tested, it is then sanitised again.

Are you optimistic regarding post Covid-19 sales?

The industry has to remain positive to drive business forward again where we have been hit hard. We have seen a lot of interest via our social media platforms, about when do we have new stock arriving, so we are optimistic and by maintaining our new regulations and rules, we hope to keep our business running successfully.


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